IELTS mock tests are offered by several sites.
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5 Websites that Offer Online IELTS Mock Tests

IELTS mock tests are a good way to prepare for the actual test. In this article we list down five websites offering IELTS practice tests.

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IELTS mock tests are offered by several sites.

Mock tests have been around for a while in some form or the other. Before the rapid growth of the internet in the past decade or so in India, question banks were quite popular among students. With the changing times, they shifted online, and the IELTS mock tests also followed the trend.

What online mock tests do are hand out instant feedback to students and give them an experience of the actual test. Students sign up for an IELTS mock test and complete it within the specified time-limit. On completion, an automated score, followed by personalised reports is made available to the students. Some websites give comprehensive and complete results while the others will need you to pay some amount to access the full results.

Though a number of free resources are available, it makes better sense to go for a paid package, which will include personalised coaching and guidance from certified English language experts.

There are a number of websites from around the world trying to entice you into signing up for their ‘special IELTS mock tests’! How would you decide is the best website for you?
One tip that always works is to check if the website is free of grammatical errors! A website offering IELTS practice tests and riddled with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors is clearly not going to find favour with anyone!

Well, we have made your job easier now! After extensive research we present five useful websites that have a number of IELTS mock tests and a wealth of study material to help you!

Among the many websites listing various IELTS learning resources, these five will help you the most in your IELTS test preparation!

IELTS mock tests – 5 websites that we liked

British Council
IELTS mock test is offered by British council

The British Council is a co-owner of IELTS. They offer comprehensive IELTS training programmes which include an extensive mock test model. They call it the IELTS familiarisation test. It is computer-delivered, and you can try out the IELTS practice test for listening, reading and writing. You will be able to access the results for the listening and reading sections for free. The best part is that you are saved from the hassles of booking or registering for trying out the IELTS mock test. They also offer practice tests with sample questions for you to familiarise with the format of the test.

IELTS mock test are offered by

This website is a simple, user-friendly uncluttered, no-nonsense website. They provide sample tests to understand the format of the test and tips on how to answer specific types of questions. They provide insights into developing your ideas on a topic and structuring your responses. They provide free access to study materials and sample questions along with the online IELTS mock tests. The study materials can be downloaded as PDF. Hundreds of topics are mentioned under the main domains of listening, reading, speaking and writing. Under these topics, common questions are given for you to practice. It is very helpful that they also provide model answers for these questions. The site also shares tips for handling questions under each domain.

IELTS Online Tests

IELTS mock tests are offered by IELTS online test site

This website claims to be the number one for online IELTS practice. They have a stock of more than hundred free IELTS mock tests. Apart from the sample materials and mock tests, they also conduct live lessons to provide feedback and guided practice to people who are looking to take the IELTS test. Most of these live lessons are free.


IELTS mock tests are offered by iPass IELTS

This website has a lot of free and paid courses and claims to have over a decade’s worth of training experience! What makes them interesting is that their tutors are native speakers of English. As part of the free practice tests, they offer model answers and useful vocabulary that could be used to answer questions based on specific topics. They currently offer one to one Skype classes as part of their speaking course.

IELTS buddy

IELTS mock tests are offered by this site called IELTS buddy

IELTS buddy offers exactly what it says – tips and tests for getting a good IELTS score. They have practice materials for all the 4 domains – Listening, reading, speaking and writing. They share lessons, tips, practice tests and sample questions with model answers. They have specific tips for people who prefer the IELTS Computer based test. This is different from the IELTS indicator test, which is the online version that can be taken from the comforts of your home. However, make sure that your institution accepts the scores of an IELTS indicator test. What makes IELTS buddy stand out is that they have an active forum section where users can add questions to be answered by IELTS buddy.

Hotcourses India

IELTS mock tests are offered by Hotcourses too

Hotcourses India is an IDP company which provides overseas education consultancy services. We offer an online IELTS mock test which mimics the actual IELTS.

Our Reading & Listening Practice Tests will surely help you achieve a better score in IELTS. You can learn about  the advantages of the free practice test offered by Hotcourses. The test is specifically curated for students who are looking to study abroad. Our progress tracker will also allow you to compare your speed with other students which will give you the push to strive harder while also giving you an insight about your performance in the test. We also share tips and latest updates about IELTS in our IELTS-related articles.         

Why should you try out the IELTS mock tests?

We strongly believe in the adage that 'Practice makes one perfect'. If you take up ample mock tests, you will be able to improve your knowledge and find out your strengths and weaknesses and work on them. Finally, when you take the IELTS for real as a paid test, you will be clear about your goals and know how soon you will have to finish each component of the test. Being well prepared will help you get the ideal score required for your university admissions – whether that is a 7 and higher IELTS score or lesser.

Good luck with your IELTS test preparations. You can also contact our study abroad experts for more information about the IELTS requirements at major destinations and institutions abroad. Don’t forget to check out our international student news page for more up to date information related to higher education from around the globe.

Editor’s note: This article was originally published in February 2016. We have included up-to-date information and made it comprehensive.

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