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Mahesh Ramani
02 Feb 2016 1.7K 2 mins Share

5 Websites Offering TOEFL Mock Tests

Many websites offer mock tests to crack the TOEFL. This article will list five websites with practice tests that will help you.

02 Feb 2016 1.7K 2 mins Share
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5 Websites Offering TOEFL Mock Tests

Like every other qualifying exam, mock tests play a crucial role in helping students prepare for the TOEFL. For some students speaking comes naturally, many students list public speaking as one of their biggest fears. Others have excellent writing skills but speed becomes an issue for them and they are not able to complete the test on time and end up disappointed. What mock tests do is to build and boost the students’ confidence. A number of websites are available which offer a variety of free and paid mock-tests that help students tackle the TOEFL with ease. Students are advised to exercise their discretion and opt for a website or service provider, which offers personalised test feedback. The feedback helps students in identifying their strengths and weaknesses and allows them to plan and study better. In the next section we will look at five websites that impressed us with their comprehensive TOEFL practice tests and study material.

Five Websites with TOEFL Mock Tests

There are a number of websites based out of various countries, which offer study materials and mock tests to prepare for the TOEFL. Here are some of our recommendations:

 A subsidiary of Educational Testing Service – ETS the firm that actually runs the TOEFL this is a comprehensive resource website for all things related to the TOEFL.  

Magoosh has been around for some time now and though their core focus is on the GMAT and GRE they offer comprehensive mock tests for the TOEFL along with extensive reference material.  

This website has more of a personal blog feel; but there is quite a bit of useful information here that will help students preparing for the TOEFL.

This is a good and clean website that offers mock tests for a variety of qualifying exams – TOEFL, ACT and SAT and is quite useful.

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Good luck with clearing the TOEFL and all the best for your study abroad dreams. 

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