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Kavitha Vijeyavelan
13 Aug 2015 616 1 min Share

TOEFL test format

Familiar with the TOEFL iBT? Know how many sections and what kind of skills it tests for? Here are all the TOEFL basics you need to know...

13 Aug 2015 616 1 min Share

The TOEFL test format may vary depending on the location of your test centre. The two formats that are available are:

  • The iBT test: This format is offered around 30-40 times per annum and has more than 4,500 test centres offering it round the globe. 
  • The PBT test: the PBT or the Paper-based test is offered only mostly in areas with no internet connection. 

The Paper-Based Test

The PBT test features four sections, the listening section, the structure and written expression section, the reading section, and the writing section. The listening section is given a time slot of 30 to 40 minutes and requires listening to short dialogues, long conversations and mini-lectures and answer related questions. The structure and written expression section covers a 25 minute time slot and comprises questions on sentence completion and error recognition. The reading section is given a 55 minute time slot and has approximately five passages to read and answer questions based on them. The TWE or the writing sections requires one essay to be written in the time frame of 30 minutes. 

The iBT Test

The iBT Test also consists of four sections: 

  • The reading section that is given a time slot of 60 to 80 minutes has around 36 to 56 questions. Students are required to read three to four passages and answer questions related to them.
  • The listening section, 60 to 90 minutes, has 34 to 51 questions. Students are made to listen to lectures, conversations, and classroom discussions and then answer questions.

Following these two sections is a ten minute break.

  • The speaking section has a 20 minute time slot and students must express their opinion on a topic based on the reading and listening tasks given to them. They are given two independent and four integrated tasks. 
  • The writing section has a 50 minute time slot and students must write essay responses based on their reading and listening tasks and provide their opinion on the topic. They are given one integrated task and one independent task. 

This is how the overall outline of how the TOEFL test is going to be presented to you! Check out the test center you are going to book the test in and start with your TOEFL prep now. 

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