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Justin Epley
07 Aug 2015 751 2 mins Share

Preparation Tips for TOEFL Reading Test

Preparation Tips for TOEFL Reading Test that will give a better view to get succeed with the TOEFL Exam in Future.

07 Aug 2015 751 2 mins Share
Justin Epley
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Taking the TOEFL Exam

The TOEFL (The Official English as Foreign Language Exam) is a challenging exam that many students must take if they wish to study or work abroad in an English speaking country. Many universities will not accept an applicant unless they have taken the TOEFL, and achieved a high score. As a result, students scramble to prepare for a test without understanding the basic concept and goal of the exam. They study English, but they do not even consider understanding how to take the test. By consequence, many do not do well on the test.
On the other hand, there are students who think that just because they speak and understand English very well that they will ace the TOEFL. This could not be further from the truth. The test has to be approached like any other specialized test. One needs to know how to take it in order to conquer it. A student may know the material, but they need to know how to apply it to the test in order to pass. In order to help students crack the TOEFL, this article will offer them invaluable tips that will help them ace the test.
TOEFL Tips and Tricks
In order to understand the TOEFL, one will need to create an effective strategic method of taking the test. However, first things first- the test format. The TOEFL IBT is made up around four texts of approximately seven hundred words each. Then, there are corresponding questions to test one's comprehension. Each section is twenty minutes long. Now that you understand the format of the test, it is time to learn tips that will get you through each section feeling confident and ready.
In order to prepare for the test, students should read newspapers, magazines, blog posts etc. to learn as much about American culture and history as possible. This is great practice for understanding and becoming accustomed to the types of texts found on the TOEFL. The more one reads the better they get. Students should also keep a vocabulary list of all the words they hear, but do not know. This will help test takers stay on top of complicated words or phrases they may encounter in the test.
One should also take an official practice test to get used to taking a standardized test. Many foreign students have never had experience with this format, so it is very important that a student familiarizes themselves with it. The best way to do this is by approaching it like the real TOEFL. Students should take the test under the same conditions that one will see on test day. Students should learn to paraphrase ideas by highlighting the main concept of the article. This will make answering questions faster. If there is a phrase that one does not understand, then use context clues to figure it out. Most importantly, students should not freak out! That will only make one more nervous. Students just need to trust their ability, and they will do fine on the TOEFL.
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Guest post contributed by Justin Epley on behalf of the University of Alabama at Birmingham – find out more about an Online Masters of Accounting. Justin is a freelance writer and an online tutor. His articles appear on various education blogs.

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