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29 Mar 2016 92.3K 1 min Share

Visa interview question: Why did you choose to study in the USA?

The article talks about the reasons and justification a student can give to the visa officer for selecting the USA as a study abroad destination.

29 Mar 2016 92.3K 1 min Share
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One default question asked by the visa officer will be - "Why did you choose the USA for your higher studies?" Richard in this video helps you with the replies to get you the US visa.
 In order for you to answer this question you should know whether the course you have chosen is offered in India, if yes, then how many institutions offer the course in India. Now, you can tell the officers that this particular program is not offered in India or is offered only in very limited colleges. If it is offered in many institutions, then you can tell them that the infrastructure or the curriculum does not match your expectations. You can also include that you have sufficient research about the university and you have also corresponded with the US lecturers, all which together helped you choose US. Give them all valid reasons possible to convince them.
They might also ask why USA and why not UK or Canada. In such cases you can tell them that you have applied for other countries as well but your first preference is US (that is if you have really applied for other countries) and carries your application documents to support the same. If you haven’t applied in other countries then you just have to say that you were guided that US would be the apt destination for your research or program and future opportunities by the lecturers and/ or seniors. You can also state that US is more flexible and dynamic when compared to other countries and few other Indian students have also suggested the same. So Richard says, make your answers as convincing as possible that you are going to US only for academic purposes and nothing else. 
Choosing a course could have been a very difficult decision to make if you were not sure what you wanted to pursue or if you wanted to change your majors. If you are not sure how to explain the same to the US visa officers, read the article below to get an idea for the same. 

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