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01 Feb 2017 1.1K 2 mins Share

Top 10 UK Universities that are most popular with Indian students!

The amazing HDI tool gives you the data about the diversity of international students from India studying at several UK universities.

01 Feb 2017 1.1K 2 mins Share
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UK universities with more Indian students

Per the British Council, the United Kingdom is a strong contender amongst other sought-after study abroad destinations.

Read on to find why Indian students look forward to study in the UK. According to the British Council, there are several reasons why the UK continues to be a top choice amongst students from all ethnic communities:

  1. The UK contributes 5% towards world’s major research and 14% towards the majorly cited papers.
  2. UK universities give you enough freedom to select a course, along with flexible study options.
  3. The teaching methodology at UK universities is far more comprehensive because there are a lot of options to gain hands-on experience.
  4. You will get to inculcate knowledge and life skills from eminent faculty of academics.
  5. Your English language skills will improve, giving you better employment chances in the UK.

What we are saying!

The Hotcourses Diversity Index (HDI) tool's job is to give detailed reports about the diversity of student life across several universities in the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Based on the HDI report, it is clear that a number of top UK universities are home to a large group of international students from India. 

Check the list of the UK universities where more students from India study:

  1. Staffordshire University is popular for its courses like Law, Engineering, Sciences and Business. Established in 1992, The Staffordshire University is home to nearly 2642 international students, where 23.5% of international students are from India.
  2. Bishop Grosseteste University (BGU) is home to 26 international students, where 23.08% of international students are from India. Popular courses on offer are Business, Education, Mathematics, Psychology, Sociology, Sport and History. 
  3. University of Bedfordshire is home to 6012 international students, where 18.86% international students are from India. 
  4. University of West London (UWL) is home to 4347 international students, where 15.94% of international students are from India. The University is popular for its courses like IT, Business, Hospitality and Advertising.
  5. Edge Hill University is home to 918 international students, where 11.22% of international students are from India. The Edge Hill University is a public university and has several programmes on offer such as masters, masters with research (MRes), MBA and fast-track degree programmes.
  6. London Business School, University of London is home to 1672 international students where 10.41 % of international students are from India. The London Business School is popular for its MBA programme and is affiliated to the University of London.
  7. University of the highlands and islands is home to 724 international students, where 10.36% of international students are from India. The University has a number of courses on offer.
  8. University of Chester is home to 1627 international students, where 10.2% of international students are from India. The University of Chester has several courses on offer such as Business Management, Accounting & Finance, Interior Design, Journalism and LLB laws.
  9. Glyndwr University is home to 3927 international students, where 9.7 % of international students are from India. Glyndwr is quite popular for churning out high-earning graduates.
  10. Institute of Cancer Research, University of London is home to 93 international students, where 9.68% of international students are from India. The ICR is one of the world’s most influential cancer research organisations. Read more about the breakthrough research at the ICR.

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